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Mukti Grounded Yoga Mat

Mukti Grounded Yoga Mat

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The Mukti Grounded Yoga Mat is Naturally Slip resistant, while also made to last.

Designed in Australia by Createflow, it is suitable for all levels of yogis - experienced, beginners and teachers. Supple natural tree rubber and natural jute fibres make the Grounded mat the perfect companion to staying grounded and comfortable.

Unique features of this Yoga Mat

  • layer of non-slip natural tree rubber to absorb moisture
  • the natural softness protects joints and ligaments
  • natural jute surface for enhanced grip and mat integrity
  • perfect density for restorative savasana 
  • rolls up easily
  • easy to care for
  • durable and perfect for the natural Australian environment
  • sustainable materials and ethical production

Create Flow eco yoga mats are made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber, jute and cotton. We have carefully selected our vendors ensuring that they meet high standards of ETHICAL work place practices - completely sweatshop free...naturally, mats for yoga.

Our mats meet SGS certification, made from natural tree rubber, jute and cotton fibres. The dye that we use is mineral based, kind to the ENVIRONMENT and completely free from toxins, pesticides, and chemicals. 

Your Mukti Mat will arrive in paper-wrapping in a cardboard box. We encourage our customers to recycle our minimal packaging.

Grounded natural mat specs

  • Thickness of 4mm
  • Length of 183cm (72”)
  • Width of 61cm (24”)
  • Weight of 2.4 kg
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Designed in Australia
  • 1 side natural tree rubber
  • 1 side natural jute fibres

Caring for your Grounded mat

Createflow mats can cope with your perspiration, but they do like to keep dry when they are not in use. Enhance the life span of your mat by storing it dry, as mats shouldn't be wet for too long. After cleaning or a particularly sweaty practice unroll your Mukti Grounded Mat in direct sunlight until dry.

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Customer Reviews

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jeremy c ham
Great Natural Alternative

So far I've found this mat to be good. I like that it's sustainable and made from natural stuff.

Conscious of our impact - Minimal & Recyclable packaging

Seeing as though our yoga mats are already pretty sturdy, we aim to use as little packaging as possible, and ensure everything used is recycleable.

End of life cycle - Recycle Me!

What happens to our mats
after they have been loved is just as important as the the materials and process that we use to make them. 

A high percentage of plastic Yoga mats end up in landfill and take years to degrade. Our mats are biodegradable, they will decompose through a natural process, reducing the amount of waste in landfill and leaving more space on our planet for trees.