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Create Flow

Create Flow Mukti Cork Yoga Block

Create Flow Mukti Cork Yoga Block

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The Mukti Cork Yoga Block is your new BFF on the mat, providing you unconditional support, and assisting you with safe alignment throughout your whole practice.

Designed in Australia with contoured edges for comfortable restorative yoga practices. Cork offers a gentle firmness not found in foam blocks, allowing you to feel secure and supported in your practice. Cork will increase in grip with sweat, providing you with a safe, non-slip surface for heated classes.

Our cork yoga props will allow you to deepen your practice, create space, support your spine and pelvis in seated asanas, and provide stability in balances. They’re wonderful modifiers when you’re not quite ready for a full pose.

Made from 100% renewable, sustainable, sturdy cork harvested from certified forests without cutting down the tree. After harvest, the thick and rugged bark grows back, resulting in no harm to the tree.

There are no toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of our cork yoga blocks. Kind to the earth and kind to you.


  • Sourced from renewable, sustainable cork trees in Portugal. 
  • No harmful, toxic chemical additives. 
  • Durable solid structure 
  • Easy-to-grip surface
  • Comfortable contoured edges
  • Naturally resistant to mould and mildew
  • Colour: natural cork, no dyes used in manufacturing.
  • 800 gms 9 x 15 x 23 cm

Care and cleaning

With the right care, our cork blocks are designed to last a lifetime.

  • Display and store out of direct sunlight.
  • Wipe down with a damp cloth and allow to dry completely. 
  • Do not clean with harmful chemicals or immerse in water.


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Care Instructions

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Care Instructions for your Mat

Due to the nature of the eco-friendly materials we use, you will eventually experience some wear and tear. You may experience this within 6 months of purchase if you are a heavy user, and around 1 year for moderate to light users.

The mat material (natural rubber) is biodegradable, meaning it will gradually harden in the natural
environment. Exposure to sun and water accelerates the biodegradation process. After hardening, the fabric may separate from the rubber more easily. In an effort to avoid using glue, the rubber is covered with a brushed recycled PET microfiber and fastened using heat and pressure.
This eco-friendly method may eventually separate with continued use.

Are our products free from toxic chemicals?

All of our products are Prop 65 and REACH certified, meaning that the ingredients used in our manufacturing process pass rigorous testing limiting the use of many toxic chemicals.

Learn more about REACH Certification

Learn more about Prop 65 certification

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Good for you, and our environment.

Our Combo Mats are made of a biodegradable, recyclable, 100% natural tree rubber base and microfiber top. The Microfiber is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. They are free from toxic glue and phthalates. Our Towels are also made of our 100% recycled plastic bottle microfiber. All of our inspirational designs are printed with non-fade, water-based inks. All of our products are also vegan-friendly.